FCE – First Certificate in English, University of Cambridge

This is an examination at an intermediate level, requiring competence in all the language skills. It is widely recognised in commerce and industry, and by educational institutions in Britain and overseas as proof of language ability at an intermediate level.

FCE – First Certificate in English

CAE – Certificate in Advanced English, University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is the fourth level of the Cambridge exams in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). It is an advanced exam, set at Level C1 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework. Although the level of language skills required is not as high as for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, CAE recognises the ability to communicate with confidence in English and deal with most aspects of everyday life.

CAE – Certificate in Advanced English

BEC – Business English Certificates, University of Cambridge

This is a series of proficiency tests designed to meet the international business needs of learners of English as a foreign language. It is an examination in reading, writing, listening and speaking in work-related situations, aimed at three levels of competence from BEC 1 to BEC 3.

BEC – Business English Certificates